Topic: Felon after Incarceration of vulnerable population

Vulnerable Population Paper


Communicate effectively by listening, speaking and writing using appropriate technology.

  1. Logically organizes, develops, and communicates an idea or position.
    1. Uses drafting, revising, and editing techniques using appropriate vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax.
    1. Uses library print or electronic resources for literature research.

Nursing Program:

Human Flourishing: Advocate for patients and families in ways that promote self –determination, integrity, and ongoing growth as human beings.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this paper, students will be able to:

    • Explain what defines a vulnerable population.
    • Identify what makes the assigned population a vulnerable population.
    • Identify challenges the assigned population faces related to the vulnerability.
    • explain what resources are available for the assigned


    •  Describe questions / behaviors which will help the nurse identify a vulnerable person.
    • Explain mandatory reporting and which persons reporting applies to.

Paper Requirements

This paper must be completed using APA format. A minimum of 4 professional references written within the last 5 years required

Title Page

Introduction, Body, Conclusion

Papers must be grammatically correct with correct spelling

The paper needs to be between 4 and 5 pages in length not including the title page or reference page using Times New Roman size 12 font.

The paper should include:

1) Explanation of a vulnerable population

2)Description of defined population and why it is considered vulnerable

3)Challenges related to vulnerability of assigned population

4) Available resources for assigned population

5) Questions/Observations (3) a nurse can use to identify assigned vulnerability

6) Laws/Policies (3) identified and how they apply to the assigned population

***Refer to the Vulnerable Population Rubric for scoring details***

Use the provided APA template when writing your paper

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Research Paper
Pages / words-1 / 275
Number of sources-1
Academic level-Freshman (College 1st year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style
US English

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