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Need to watch the three clips from stage and movie version of fences and answering questions that I have regarding them. Make sure you give me a thorough answer. Something short and vague will not get the full points as an answer that explains the answer fully

Watch the videos below and answer the questions

Fences clip

James Earl Jones

Questions to answer

1- Describe in your own words the difference between each actor’s approach to the character? How are they different ? how are they different ?

2- Which version do you prefer and why? It is because it works with the play better or is it more person preference

3- If you were Cory, would your reactions to the speech be different with the two different troys’? what would those differenced be ?


4- How does the absence of an audience makes difference between this clip and the one above with Denzel on Broadway? It is the same actor and the same words

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