Topic: Field Education Learning Plan questions assignment


Answer these question based on following ( QUESTION 1: Learning Goals and QUESTION 2: strategies for Achieving learning goals?)
1. Values and Ethics Social workers demonstrate that the values of social work are integral to their practice, they uphold their ethical responsibilities and they act appropriately when faced with ethical problems, issues and dilemmas.
2. Professionalism Social workers demonstrate active promotion and support of the social work profession, act with integrity and ensure accountability.
3. Culturally Responsive and Inclusive Practice Social workers have adequate understanding and knowledge of cultural diversity in order to work in a culturally responsive and inclusive way.
4. Knowledge for Practice Social workers have and obtain the knowledge required for effective practice.

5. Applying Knowledge for Practice
Social workers demonstrate the skills required to implement knowledge into practice.

6. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Social workers demonstrate skills required to communicate and work effectively with others.

7. Information Recording and Sharing
Social workers are accountable and responsible for the information they collect and keep in the course of their work.
8. Professional Development
Social workers demonstrate commitment to ongoing learning through
continuing professional development and supervision.

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