Topic: Final Film Assignment

Final Film Assignment
For this assignment you are to choose one of the following films and analyze it according to what you have learned this semester regarding Criminal Justice Ethics. (RECOGNIZE THAT “ANALYZE” DOES NOT SIMPLY MEAN SUMMARIZE!):
1.) Serpico
2.) Crash (2004, written, produced and directed by Paul Haggis)
3.) 12 Angry Men
4.) Shawshank Redemption
5.) Dead Man Walking
6.) Training Day
7.) The Seven Five
Option 1:
Successful responses will include (but not be limited to): Identification of ethical dilemmas and application of ethical systems to the plots, characters and situations involved. For example, what would ethical formalism say about the decisions of a central character or characters? Ethics of care? Utilitarianism? Are there issues of corruption or misconduct involved? If so, how so? Is this a rotten apple? Rotten barrel? Systemic/societal issue?
I am looking for application and understanding of specific concepts, principles and ideas covered this semester. SHOW ME HOW MUCH YOU’VE LEARNED! While some summary will be necessary in order to contextualize your discussion and provide examples, it should not comprise the majority of your response. You may use outside sources in addition to the film and your text, but this is not necessary. Should you choose to do so, be sure to cite such sources appropriately. Essays should be no less than 6 pages in length, and no more than 8 (double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman).
Option 2:
This option requires the same level of analysis as the essay described above. The difference is one of form, rather than function. Rather than a paper to illustrate your understanding and analysis, you may choose instead to create one of the following:
A website: Here you may include images, as well as clips from the film along with text explaining your analysis and understanding. Just as your essay needs to be more than one page, so would a website. For example, you could have tabs/links that direct the viewer to different aspects of your analysis: “Home” could explain the purpose of the site and perhaps include a trailer to the film you’ve chosen, or an image of the movie poster, or something creative that you’ve made especially for the assignment. A link to “Ethical dilemmas” could lead the viewer to another page that highlights those, and so on. There are many websites that make creating your own site fairly simple. I used for example.
A 10-15 min. video/slideshow: This could be a filmed presentation for those of you more inclined to talk about a subject than to write about it. It could also be used to create a short documentary style film/presentation utilizing images, video and/or music to illustrate your analysis and understanding of the selected film and relevant concepts covered in class. Search YouTube for Windows Movie Maker tutorials, if you are interested in this option, but not familiar with how to make it happen. A narrated Powerpoint is also an option. The Noel Studio on campus is also a valuable resource for Option 2.

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