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Amadeus Corporation is considering the issue of a new product to be added to its product mix. They hired you, a recent business graduate from MacEwan, for conducting the analysis. The production line would be set up in an unused space at the company’s main plant.

The plant space could be leased out to another firm at $15,000 per year starting from year 1. They should buy new machinery.The approximate cost of the machine would be $160,000, with another $16,000 in shipping and handling charges. It would also cost an additional $24,000 to install the equipment.

The machinery has an economic life of 5 years and would be in Class 8 with a CCA rate of 35%. The machinery is expected to have a salvage value of $90,000 after5 years of use.

The new product line would generate incremental sales of 1,500 units per year for 5 years and they are expected to grow 4% per year. The cost per unit is estimated in $60 per unit in the first year. Each unit can be sold for $210 in the first year. The sales price and cost per unit are both expected to increase by 3 % per year due to inflation.

The fixed costs are estimated to be $90,000 at the end of 1st year and would increase with inflation. To handle the new product line, the firm’s net operating working capital would be an amount equal to 17% of sales revenues. The firm tax rate is 35%.There are 1000 common shares outstanding with market price of $40 each.

Also, they have 100 preferred shares with market value of $50. There are $50,000 long-term bond trading in market with an average price of $1,100 and 6 years to maturity, and 8% semi-annual coupon.

Common shares of firm have a beta of 1.3. Risk free rate is 4% and expected market return is 16%. Preferred stock holder are receiving 1 dollar quarterly dividend. The project is considered by the financial departmentto be as risky as the company.The reinvestment risk is assumed to be 15%.


  1. Using an Excel spreadsheet:
  • Find the NPV, IRR and MIRRof the project by using the pro forma financial statement method to determine cash flows. 
  • Enter the input variables in cells of their own at the top of the spreadsheet (so it is easier to do sensitivity analysis calculations). 
  • Set up the necessary equations by referencing to the input variable cells. The spreadsheet must be formula driven; do not put any numbers in equations, only cell references.
  • Use Excel’s built-in functions wherever possible (e.g. NPV and IRR functions). 
  • Breakeven analysis

At what WACC rate the project is going to break-even based on NPV method. 

  • Recommendation

Use the results you obtained in the NPV, MIRR, breakeven and sensitivity above to write a one page report on your findings and recommend whether or not the company should proceed with the project. 

  • Present this assignment in a professional way. It is your responsibility to communicate clearly to the marker. 
  • Worksheet 1, cover page with your names (all members of group).
  • Worksheet 2, Excel spreadsheet showing basecase NPV, IRR and MIRR and breakeven values (Requirements 1 and 2)
  • Worksheet3, sensitivity analysis along with a table showing the NPV for each sensitivity analysis
  • Worksheet 4, Executive Summary of interpretation and recommendation (Requirement 4). page.
  • You can complete this assignment in groups of up to 2 students
  • Please list all group member’s names in the excel file you submit 
  • Please note that each group should submit only one Excel file
  • Submissions should INCLUDE ALL NAMES OF GROUP MEMBERS BOTH in the email and in the file names**
  • Capital_Budgeting_Assignment


Marking Max. Mark
Excel NPV, IRR, B/E and supporting formula sheet 35
Interpretation of results/recommendation 10
Presentation (spelling, grammar, organization) 5

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Coursework
Pages / words-1 / 275
Number of sources-0
Academic level-Freshman (College 1st year)
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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