Topic: Forms of Media (television, radio, newspaper, social media, and a blog)


You will review the following forms of media used for each example: television, radio, newspaper, social media, and a blog, and evaluate the content of the messages using the questions and criteria provided (see attached instructions) You will summarize your results for each example, and using that information, provide a ranking of the media messages. Your review, recommended ranking (1 being the best, and 5 being the worst), and the reasons for the ranking order should be included in a 1,000-1,100 word brief/research paper. . Please see the very descriptive instructions attached.

Please ensure you cite all your sources, as you will need to do your own research to answer the questions for the first half of the questions (ie.e history, etc.). Please ensure you cite all sources using MLA format.

Type of servic-eAcademic paper writing
Type of assignment-Research Paper
Pages / words-2 / 1100
Academic level-Freshman (College 1st year)
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Single
Language style
US English

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