Topic: Foundations of Customer Service

Assignment 1 – Case of a Poor Customer Service

I had been a long time user of Fido and switched to another carrier right after the pandemic broke out for a cheaper plan to control budget. Couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Fido had a good deal was on promotion. “Get a $5/month discount for 24 months and a $100 bill credit”, the promotion looked attractive to me, and it offered a brand new Samsung phone Note 10 plus at $15/month extra cost. I decided to check that deal out, and from there I started my long journey.

Fido initiated a policy two years ago to charge a 40 dollars service fee should consumers need a customer service representative’s assistance to process certain kinds of services, new activations, for instance. Consumers are encouraged to use self-service as much as possible. The purpose is to lower operational cost apparently. I read through all the polices and decided to add the plan by myself since my fido account was still active. Although I followed the instruction step by step, however, after couple of attempts, it turned out that the $5/month discount could not be applied.

When I realized that could be a system glitch, I decided to contact online chat service, knowing that this might incur an extra cost for me. To my surprise, the representative A’s service was really good. After briefly introduced herself and her role, she started with my needs and budget. Based on the information I provided, she quickly confirmed that she would help me to complete the transaction by adding the 5$ discount manually, even waiving the 40 dollars fee since that was a system glitch. During the whole process, she did not rush me to close the deal. Instead, she answered my questions with patience, and I felt I was chatting with a friend.

Eventually, I decided to finalize this transaction, but I mentioned that I would like the whole package to be delivered to my current address, which is different than what Fido had on file. She confirmed all the details of the plan and credit to be applied with me. She mentioned that a transcript would be emailed to me to document the conversation we had. Last, she told me what I could expect: an email of sales of contract and tracking number later. The delivery was to arrive after 4 to 5 business days. I was satisfied with the overall experience that night and did receive the transcript right after I finished chatting with the CSR A. That seemed to be a good start, but things went off the track afterwards. After one week, I did not receive email of sale of contract nor tracking number. I search Fido’s website and found there was a forum that consumers could post their complaints. I posted there the process but nobody ever responded. I decided to contact Fido.

I called the service line this time, and it took me 40 minutes waiting on the line to speak to the CSR B. After verified my identity, CSR B told me everything looked fine in my account. He mentioned my order was under review initially but later on went through. He see no reason that why my order was not processed. He would post a reminder for whoever is responsible for this and I could contact Fido if I did not receive any information in the next week. After another week, as nothing regarding the order happened, I contacted Fido the 3rd time. This time CSR C sounded happen to be in a senior role. She looked into my account and informed me that the inventory was out of stock.

She then tried to recommend some other options to me. I questioned that why Fido did not inform me in the first place while I placed my order, and at the time we were having the conversation, the same phone was still on promotion on Fido’s website. In order to prove my point, I even logged in to my account and I could still order the exact phone. CSR C told me she had no clue why this was happening, but she would escalate this issue to the management, and she would contact me for the update. But I had to wait for another week or so. I waited anther week, CSR C called me and informed me that the phone was eventually became available now, but the price went up.

If I still wanted that phone, I would have to pay $3/month more. I disagreed and argued that Fido should honor the same price as per original deal since that phone has always been available on Fido’s website. She agreed after confirmed with her manager. She even left her working contact to me and told me that she could help with the activation as my issue has gone through too much. Since she knew this account inside and out, she would like to make sure things would work properly for me. Next day I received confirmation email regarding the deal and delivery, however, the address is incorrect. Apparently, she just placed the order based on the information on my profile with Fido without referring to the notes and special instruction made by CSR A. I contact Fido right away to correct that mistake as I didn’t want the phone to be delivered to my former address, which is 50 km away from where I lived. After another week, I received the activation package, and eventually activated my service by calling CSR C, she did the activation and I started to use the service.

When I saw my first bill, I had to contact Fido again, as the promised credits were not there. I had to review the whole process again from the very beginning with CSR D to make a correction. After reviewed all the notes and transaction history, eventually, I got the plan as it should be. CSR D gave me a bonus 2G data as an attitude to show sorry, but I simply could not be a happy user with all those happened.

What would be your recommendations for promoting a positive service culture? Explain your reasoning. (Approx. 1.5 pages)

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