Topic: Foundations of Higher Education


Christianity was a key driving force in the development of universities in Colonial America. The British settlers placed a high value on education, and are credited with the creation of institutions for higher education in America. Many of today’s public universities were started by religious denominations. Harvard, Yale, and Princeton were founded by Congregationalists and Puritans between 1636 – 1702. Yale was started by a clergyman and Princeton’s first year of class was taught by Reverend Jonathan Dickinson. Princeton’s crest still says, ‘Del sub numine viget’ which is Latin for ‘Under God she flourishes’ which presents a present day conundrum – “How did our oldest and most prestigious universities become so far removed from their religious and biblical heritage?”

Regarding religious freedom on college and university campuses today, educational leaders across the academic continuum are best served by learning to think critically when addressing issues such as; Do Institutions of higher learning have a part to play in supporting students’ religion and spirituality? If so, how can campuses nourish these aspects of students’ lives without undermining such core values as diversity and religious freedom? Please share your views regarding the current state of religious tolerance on campuses today, and more specifically, whether institutions should even be taking a position on this topic.

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