Topic: Friedrich Froebel (Kindergarten )


Introduction: This quarter, you have learned about the context that Early Childhood Education works within as well as various educational philosophies and approaches to curriculum. Now you are going to write a 2-3 page essay that examines one early childhood theorist, their concepts, and your reaction to their approach.

Purpose: You will be able to…

Locate three academic sources about the theorist you chose.
Explain the context within which your chosen theorist developed their early childhood theories.
State the overall significance of your chosen theorist within the field of Early Childhood Education.
Describe at least three important concepts from your chosen theorist.
React to your chosen theorist by outlining how your research has changed your view of learning or development and how you might integrate this new knowledge into your own practice.
Write a 2-3 page essay that follows APA document formatting and citation guidelines.
Create a correctly formatted APA reference page.
2. Locate three academic sources about your chosen theorist. You’ll need to start looking for sources Week 7. Libby the Librarian can help you with this part of the assignment.

3. Read (or watch) your sources carefully. We’ll complete a Sustained Silent Reading with your sources during Week 8.

4. Decide what information from your sources you would like to use in your essay. We’ll complete an Evidence & Interpretation Log to help you with this step during Week 8.

5. Write your essay following the organizational model below. We’ll learn about PIE paragraphs week 9, and you will have a chance to meet with Stephanie and review your essay draft for extra credit.

6. Submit the final draft of your essay by the due date.

Essay Organization: Your essay will have a minimum of five (5) paragraphs and be approximately 2-3 pages long (typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font, 1 inch margins).

Introduction: This is your first paragraph. In the introduction, briefly introduce the reader to your theorist by describing their life and the context within which they created their theories. Context might include historical events, social/economic realities, personal experiences, or anything else that was going on in the world of the theorist. The last sentence of your introduction should be a thesis statement that specifically states how your theorist is important to the field of Early Childhood Education.

Body Paragraphs: You must write a minimum of three (3) body paragraphs. More are fine, but remember this is only a 2-3 page essay. Each body paragraph will follow the PIE paragraph model and include a point (topic sentence), illustration (evidence), and explanation. We’ll learn more about PIE paragraphs Week 9. Each body paragraph should focus on one major concept from your theorist and include a short quote or paraphrase from your source. You will need to use APA in-text citation whenever you use a quote or information from a source.

Conclusion: Your conclusion should make it clear why the theorist you chose matters to you. How has your view of learning or development changed since you learned more about your theorist and their concepts? How might you integrate some of their concepts into your own practice as an educator? You will need to use “I” in this paragraph since it will be about your reaction to the theorist.

Type Of Service : Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment : Essay
Subject : Education
Pages/words : 3/825
Number of sources : 3
Academic Level : Freshman(College 1st year)
Paper Format : APA
Line Spacing : Double
Language Style : US English

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