Topic: Fu Ssu-nien: A Life in Chinese History and Politics, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000.


Book review has a summary of the whole book. However, this is NOT a simple summary in which you just put the content of each chapter together (such as outlining chapters one by one).

This is more like you are using your language/framework to conclude the whole book. Imagine how you are going to introduce a book to your friend in an interesting way. Perhaps you could divide the book into several parts which focus on different keywords respectively.

You could also rearrange the book by answering several questions. By summarising the whole book in a certain way, you are also showing your understandings of the book.

Apart from making a summary, you also need to do some review. When you are reading the book, try to mark some points you agree/disagree with the author and ask yourself why.

You may find some points which the author failed to fully explain (such as using very few example/wrong analysing the materials) and you may want to explain that a bit more by using some other materials.

The review could be tangled into your summary of the book when you are rearranging the book in your own way. Or it could be a separated section after the summary section.

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