Topic: Gender Development Project Proposal: Sub Saharan Africa

Assessment: Assignment 2
This module is assessed by coursework (100%) only.
Assignment 2: Project proposal (70%).
Your project proposal is worth 70% of the total marks for the module.
The 3,000 word limit does not include the title or reference list. Please reference the author and
year of publication in brackets (and page number for direct citations) in the text of your answer
and include the full references cited in the Reference list at the end.
Guidance on planning and writing your proposal
The choice of topic of your development project proposal or research proposal is up to you, as
long as it is relevant to cultural development in Sub-Saharan Africa.
The project proposal can be either:
 A proposal for a development project or programme that relates to social and cultural
aspects of development in Sub-Saharan Africa
 A proposal for a research project relating to social and cultural aspects of development
in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Please make sure you think about the topic well in advance and clear the topic with Ruth before
you start writing. Your proposal must not be directly related to your presentation topic and
must show evidence of your own research and in-depth exploration of the issues or a
particular case study. It should also show sensitivity to social differences and cultural diversity.
More guidance about how to develop and write your proposal will be given in the workshops on
developing your proposal.
Suggested approach to developing and writing your proposal
Here are some suggestions about the process of developing and writing your assignment:

  1. Think of an issue/ topic related to culture and development in Africa that you are interested in.
  2. Read key texts on the reading list and search for journal articles/ books exploring the issue
  3. Research different development strategies and project approaches/ research methodologies
    used in previous studies/projects to tackle the issue from a range of perspectives/ in different
    NB ensure that you read academic journal articles on your chosen topic and only use a
    minimum of website resources
  4. Imagine you are working for an existing NGO that works in Sub-Saharan Africa that wants to
    develop a new area of work on this issue
  5. Decide whether it is more appropriate to plan a development project or research project
    to address the issue you are interested in
  6. Imagine you are applying to a donor/ development agency for funding for your proposed
    development project/ research project
  7. You need to plan and write a proposal that outlines why your proposed project/ research is
    appropriate in tackling the issue in a particular context, drawing on evidence from previous
    studies and projects discussed in the academic literature
  8. Ensure that you justify the rationale for the development approach/ discourses/ research
    methodology you wish to use in your proposal, supported by the academic literature
  9. Think carefully about the structure and the different elements that make up a successful
  10. Reference all sources correctly in the text and in the reference list at the end and ensure that
    you don’t go over the word limit!

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