Topic: General Education Capstone -Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest threat facing current and future generations. The change of climate through global warming has affected how people live today and how they would live in the future. Climate change is compromising the capability of future generations to cater to their needs because the world would not sustain their demands. As such, efforts are being made from the societal to the global levels to address the issue (Romm, 2018). The global concern has also elicited increased focus in research to find appropriate solutions to the issue. Several solutions have been proposed but are still subjected to analysis to ascertain their levels of effectiveness. The proposals ought to be implemented as early as possible to save the situation. The most effective solutions to deal with climate change should advocate for changes in the use of fossil fuels as sources of energy and restoration of forest cover.
Climate change is a serious concern because it is responsible for numerous challenges facing people today. Climate change occurs as a result of rising global temperatures above the average temperatures. The root cause of climate change is the increased emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, are produced by burning fossil fuels that contain carbon (Stephenson, 2018). Such gases are largely produced by industries using the fuels to power their machines and motor vehicles using the same fuels. Whenever large amounts are emitted into the atmosphere, it destroys the Ozone layer, which is responsible for regulating global temperatures (Romm, 2018). Other activities such as deforestation are also major contributors to climate change. Forests play a fundamental role in regulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; hence, the clearing of forests results in global warming.
The outcome has been a rise in global temperatures, resulting in other challenges affecting humans and other loving organisms directly. Climate change is responsible for the frequent calamities being experienced in the world today. One of the natural disasters attributed to climate is draughts affecting different parts of the world. Prolonged droughts have become common and have affected the production of agricultural foods because the environment is no longer favorable to agricultural practices (Hamada, 2020). Another effect of climate change is flooding due to the rising sea levels resulting from the melting of ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. Many people have already lost lives because of the frequent incidents of flooding. Another devastating impact is frequent wildfires that are commonly experienced in the US and Australia. Dangerous weather events are increasingly becoming common, and the situation will worsen in the future. Therefore, there is a need to place relevant measures to find solutions to the issue. Research plays a key role in finding solutions to the issue and help avert its possible effects in the future (Romm, 2018). The complexity of climate change requires approaches that address different aspects that contribute to its occurrence because it is an outcome of a combination of multiple factors. The effectiveness of the proposed solutions to climate change is determined by how well they address the issue directly.

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