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Topic: Gentrification in Philadelphia


Thesis statement: Gentrification in urban centers may seem at first glance an improvement, as the people that live in these growing neighborhoods are pushed out in favor of richer people, they struggle greatly. This force requires residents to make the choice of staying with the rise of prices, or leaving the place they live. Additionally, gentrification serves to erode cultural history of the neighborhoods, especially resonating in Philadelphia.

In this way, cities such as Philadelphia need to work on developing its areas without destroying both the economic and cultural foundations of its original residents. Gentrification in all cities is a rising phenomena, but damage control should be implemented to ensure less economically secure citizens do not feel the brunt of the investment and new residents in a town.

Teachers response: This is good. You will need to add a section on what specifically Philadelphia should do to address the negative impact of gentrification.

Class notes:
-1600-1800 words
-Thesis-Driven-MLA Format throughout (heading, in-text citations, works cited page)
-At least NINE total sources
-At least TWO sources from class readings
-At least TWO scholarly sources
-At least TWO opposing sources
-As always, one source can satisfy multiple requirements

Essay #3 Steps Moving From a Topic to an Outline:This essay is more complicated than the previous two. Consider following these steps to effectively organize all of your work:
1. Choose a topic
2. Educate yourself: Learn about the important ideas and contexts of your topic. Wikipedia is a decent place to start (although it’s a poor source for your resultant essay).
3. Narrow your topic/ frame the debate: determine the specific, narrow parameters of your research and identify a relevant debate, with multiple distinct opinions/perspectives.
4. Determine your preliminary position on the issue, noting that your position may change as you learn more about the issue.
5. Construct a thesis articulating your position. Make sure your thesis is assertive, arguable, and sufficiently narrow. From this point on, constantly reevaluate your thesis, revising and narrowing as need be.
6. Begin serious research. Look for strong opinion sources and in-depth analytical or investigative articles. Start critically evaluating the positions and analyzing the issues.
7. Reconsider your topic. Make sure it is narrow enough to support further research.
8. Start working on your outline. Articulate subpoints.
9. Seek out diverse sources. Look for sources expressing contrasting opinions. Evaluate the full range of arguments; weigh their relative merits.
10. Develop your argument. Explain your opinions. Support your thesis and subpoints with research.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-5 / 1375
Number of sources-9
Academic level-Freshman (College 1st year)
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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