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critically analyse the case study “Gillette: Why Innovation Might not be Enough” following the framework introduced in the lectures/seminars to identify 1- 2 key challenges/problems in the case and to recommend and justify alternative marketing strategies. You must analyse the case study based on the information on the case. This means that even if you do your own research (e.g. you find some additional data about market trends), and you use such information, you will not receive a mark for that. The school’s assessment criteria are provided in Appendix I at the end of Module Handbook. All five assessment criteria in the Module Handbook are relevant to this individual assignment. Structure of the Individual Assignment § Executive summary – around 200 words-not included in the word count § Table of contents – not included in the word count § Situational analysis (20% of the mark) – Macro environment, industry, competitors, & customer environment – around 350 words § Internal environment & SWOT analysis (20% of the mark) – around 350 words § Evaluation of current strategies and problem statement (30% of the mark) – 400 words § Alternative strategies proposition, evaluation, & justification (30% of the mark) – around 400 words § Reference list (if necessary – not included in the word count) NOTE. Word limit excludes executive summary, table of contents, references, tables, figures, and appendices. All coursework should be submitted electronically in Word format only.

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