Topic: Global Management and Business Issues


report shall consist of the followings but they are not exhaustive:
1. Background of Xiaomi (company structure, board of directors and governance, product lines, services and etc.)
2. Problem statement (why are you proposing such ideas) and objectives of your proposal (what are your intended outcomes).
3. Literature review of the business and management strategies proposed to Xiaomi.
4. The frameworks for analysis (PEST, SWOT, Porter’s 5 Forces, Competitors Analysis, etc.)
5. Expected outcomes if Xiaomi buys your proposal/ideas.
6. Any other critical information.

This Assignment is open-ended as you have the total freedom to exercise your management skills on areas for changes of your choice to be proposed to Xiaomi and also focused as the style of writing your report must fulfil the objectives of the Course.

Type of service:Academic paper writing
Type of assignment:Research Paper
Pages / words:12 / 3300
Number of sources:30
Academic level:Doctoral
Paper format:APA
Line spacing:Double
Language style:UK English

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