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You are the Marketing Director for any of brand, whether global or local. The board of the company have decided to expand one of their products/services into one new country. You have been asked by the board to profile any two markets of your choice and choose one country to enter. It is also acceptable if your brand has other products/services in the market you have chosen as long as it does not have your chosen product/service.

You are required to prepare a justified market entry proposal. Every assignmentneeds to include detailed analysis presented in the stages as follows:

  1. Provide an overview of your product/service and justify the rationale for expansion
  2. Conduct an in-depth profiling of the external environments of any two markets by emphasising Sociocultural & Ethical aspects (PESTEL /STEEPLE), analytically summarise your insight and justify your choice of entering one market out of the two profiled.
  3. Perform a competitor analysis to define your positioning strategy in the chosen market.
  4. Present your market entry strategy to enter the chosen market.

The proposal will need to include solid planning, underpinned by academic and business sources, and the emphasis on the two markets for step 2 has to be equitable.

Countries: The choice of countries is up to you, but it is your responsibility to ensure there is enough free information available (mainly in English) on your chosen countries for step 2

Assignment Notes – Your assignment must:

  1. Provide an executive summary of your report in less than 200 words (not a part of the word count)
  2. Provide a brief overview of your brand and your chosen product/service in light of the needs/wants it addresses.
  3. Critically assess the macro environment for the chosen product/service within the context of your chosen countries and your service/product categories using in-depth (free) secondary research. You may use any one frameworkto assess the two markets. Please ensure that you use the same framework to assess the two markets to enable you to compare them across common denominators. You may also use a cultural framework of comparison such as Hofstede to deepen your cultural insights of the two markets.  You must then provide an analytical summary of the external environmental analysis of your two markets and justify your selection of one of the two markets that you have profiled.
  4. Outline a positioning strategy by taking your direct competitors into account in your chosen market. It is recommended that you use a positioning/perceptual map for this followed by a summary justifying your positioning in the market.
  5. Justify your mode of entry into the chosen market. In doing so you must clearly reflect on the existing ways in which your brand has expanded into other markets and evaluate the environment of your chosen market to make an informed decision.

In addition to the above, you are required to demonstrate the ability to write a professional, internally coherent and constructive report. Please note, where your chosen country is geographically too broad (such as the USA, China, India etc.) you could narrow down to a state/ city or a group of states/ cities to streamline your assignment.

All assignments must be:

  • Maximum 2000 words.
  • The word count does not include the executive summary, title and contents pages, appendices and references.
  • You will need to think carefully about how best to explain your case within the permitted number of words, using, for example, an appropriate mix of text, drawings, diagrams and tables, supplemented by information contained in appendices.
  • Please also remember that a proposal can be enhanced or damaged through layout, for example, placing all tables and drawings in appendices can hamper the flow of discussion. Decisions therefore need to be made about the most appropriate place to use tables etc., to support your case.
  • Appendices themselves will not be marked. However, inappropriate use of appendices will be taken into consideration when awarding the final mark.
  • MS Word format/PDF is acceptable
  • 1.5 line spacing
  • Size 11 font Arial
  • Harvard referencing style
  • 3.2 cm margins left and right Margins must be as follows: Top: 1 inch, Bottom: 1 inch (2.5 cm), Left: 1.25 inches, Right: 1.25 inches (3.2 cm).

Type of service:Academic paper writing
Type of assignment:Essay
Pages / words:8 / 2000
Number of sources:20
Academic level:Master’s
Paper format:Harvard
Line spacing:Double
Language style:US English

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