Topic: Globalisation, Trade and the World Economy


This essay needs to have a research question that can be argued to be essential for research. Evaluating existing arguments from other theorists in the field is allowed. It can also be from any areas outside the topic, such as microeconomics. The number of words is excluding bibliography. Five out of 15 resources need to be from the readings below:
1. Sachs, Jeffrey. 2000. International Economics: Unlocking the Mysteries of Globalization. In Globalization and the Challenges of a New Century. Edited by P. O’Meara, H.D. Mehlinger and M. Krain. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
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4. Bordo, Michael D. Gold Standard. In Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. Library of Economics and Liberty. Available online at
5. Clavin, P. (2000). The Great Depression in Europe. Basingstoke: MacMillan.
6. Findlay, R. and O’Rourke, K.H., 2003. Commodity Market Integration 1500-2000. In Globalization in Historical Perspective. Edited by M.D. Bordo, A.M. Taylor and J.G. Williamson. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.
7. Obstfeld, M. and Taylor, A.M. 2004. Global Capital Markets: Integration, Crisis and Growth. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
8. You, J.I 2002. The Bretton Woods Institutions: Evolution, Reform, and Change. In Working Papers – Issue 2. Edited by School of Public Policy and Global Management. Korea: Korea Development Institute.
9. Beams, Nick. 1998. The Significance and Implications of Globalisation. Available online at
10. Boyer, George R., 1998. The Historical Background of the Communist Manifesto. Journal of Economic Perspectives 12 (4): 151–7 4.
11. Desai, Meghnad. 1987. Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich. In The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics. Edited by John Eatwell, Murray Milgate and Peter Newman. London: MacMillan.
12. Bhagwati, J. and T.N Srinivasan. 2002. Trade and Poverty in the Poor Countries. The American Economic Review 92(2): 180-3.
13. Ravallion, Martin. 2004. Competing Concepts of Inequality in the Globalization Debate. In World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 3243. Washington, D.C.: World Bank.
14. Morrissey, O. and Nelson, D., 1998. East Asian Economic Performance: Miracle or Just a Pleasant Surprise?The World Economy 21(7): 855-79.
15. Fischer, S., 2003. Globalization and its Challenges. The American Economic Review 93(2): 1-30.
16. Roubini, Nouriel and Setser, Brad. 2004. The U.S..S. as a Net Debtor: The Sustainability of the U.S..S. External Imbalances. Available online at
17. Boyce, J.K., 2004. Green and Brown? Globalization and the Environment. Oxford Review of Economic Policy 20 (1): 105-28.
18. Rauscher, M., 1999. Environmental Policies in Open Economies. In Handbook of Environmental and Resource Economics. Edited by C. van den Bergh. Aldershot: Edward Elgar.
19. Stiglitz, J.E. 2004. Capital Market Liberalization, Globalization and the IMF. Oxford Review of Economic Policy 20 (1):57-71.
20. Cowell, F. A., 1995. Measuring Inequality. London: Prentice-Hall.

All of the other sources should be peer-reviewed (except the readings).

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