Topic: globalization and international affairs


1. What are the benefits and criticisms associated with “Global Health Partnerships?” Can they adequately address the impacts of globalization upon the capacity of states and other actors to cooperate internationally to protect human health, as outlined by Dodgson et al (ch. 37)?

2. Discuss ways in which globalization contributes to both homogenization and diversity in the countries of the world. Should we worry about this effect? Chapters 46 and 51

5. How is deterritorialization changing Islam according to Olivier Roy, and why is it likely to contribute to secularization but in the name of fundamentalism? Do you agree?

6. How does Samuel Huntington view the relationship between the West versus the Rest? Do you find his vision of the future and policy prescriptions (for the West) credible (please explain why, or why not)?

7. In what ways does global organized crime diminish the capacity of states to manage their affairs, according to Mittelman? How should states respond to the challenge posed by global criminal organizations?

These are the 5 questions needed to be answered. Each question should be a page long, double spaced (5 pages total)

Paraphrase in text.

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You will need to type in the name of the writer or the chapter (given in questions above) in the search section and you will find the text. It should be on the left hand side of the page “search within book”

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