Topic: Gordon S. Wood, The Radicalism of the American Revolution


In a 6-8-page, double spaced paper, answer the following question. In the Radicalism of the American Revolution, Gordon Wood argues that the Revolution transformed the U.S. from a pre-modern, monarchical society into a modern, democratic, capitalist society by 1815 or so.

Do you agree?

Why or why not?

In the course of your answer, you should define what Wood means (or what you mean) by modern, pre-modern, and “the Revolution” and discuss what he may have left out of his analysis. You might also want to lay out how things differed in the early nineteenth century and the mid-eighteenth century.

Please submit this assignment as an attachment (*.pdf or .docx).

PS. You should be sure to use Wood and the other sources we read in this class (at least 3) as evidence in your answer. Parenthetical citations (MLA, APA, Chicago author-date, or whatever) is fine for this assignment.

You don’t need a works cited page, if you are using only the materials assigned for this course. (You are not required to use any outside materials, if you do so, then you need a work cited page–and it should list every source you use).

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