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Topic: Governance Case Study

Governance Case Study

Subject Management
Number of pages 7
Spacing Double
Number of slides 0
Number of Questions 0
Number of Problems 0
Academic Level Professional
Type of Work Writing from scratch
Type of Paper Case study
Sources needed 18
Abstract Page No
Paper Format Harvard
Paper details
you need to follow the sileds which i will give to use every week ,that can help you to give idea . also you need to do reseach to evadnace to for you case study and we need to use QTF qustion Formalation techninqe about fife qustions . this qustion on the case study to analays relevent between the case and qustion . read the reqyremnt and Rubrib . RUBRIC IS evaluation mark .

Course Learning Objectives Assessed:
Evaluate the performance of real world practice concerning IT Governance and Change Management strategies.
Determine and design activities supporting IT Governance that are mindful of contemporary change management theories.
Analyse, apply, and report on current IT governance concepts and frameworks for audit and compliance purposes.
Graduate Attributes supported:
This assessment supports the following Graduate Attributes: Work ready and active and lifelong learners.

Owing to the disruption caused by the current pandemic, the original 2 hour exam in semester 1 is being replaced this case study assignment.

This is an individual assignment. Its purpose is to develop your capability to understand IT Governance and Change Management theories, frameworks and concepts. You will write a business report that seeks to offer solutions aimed at avoiding governance shortcomings in contemporary major IT projects and operations.

This project aims to have you:

Research a relevant case study to:

  • determine the prevailing character of prevailing IT governance and change management practices
    -consider what scope, if any, exists to strengthen governance processes
    -examine governance and IT Service Management (ITSM) processes to ascertain which elements might most usefully be applied to offer adequate oversight of such IT operations in future.
    Pose evaluative questions that allow you to determine the current-state-of-the art of the issue that you have investigated.
    Identify up-to-date sources and evidence that support your analysis.
    Hone investigative skills.
    Present your findings effectively.
    The assignment requires you to develop a business report to be directed to Virginia Chen. She is an executive in the case study set for examination. Your report is to discuss the feasibility of enhancing ICT governance processes by paying greater attention managing cognitive bias. This submission is expected to identify how possible reforms might be instituted. Your answer needs to be relevant to the context described in the case study “The X Bank seeks to strengthen its governance.” Details are published separately and accessible using this link in Canvas.

The third submission will be a 2,200-word business report. [The word limit excludes the coversheet, any footnotes, the reference list, and any relevant short appendices ] The task is worth 40% of total marks in the course. The report must contain a reference list containing at least ten academic references. This referencing requirement will not be satisfied by including items mentioned in the case study or course notes published in Canvas. All items in the reference list must appear in the body of the report as in text references. The reference list should be formatted using the Harvard bibliographic style. Other styles may be used with the agreement of the course coordinator. Any such style should be used consistently.

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