Topic: government Coursework assignment


1. List two advantages and two disadvantages for each form of government . Could direct democracy work in America given modern communication techniques? Explain why you think it would or would not work.

2. Give two examples of cases or issues where there might be some tension or difficulty in balancing majority rule with minority rights.

3. Explain how the Declaration of Independence is a social contract. How does this explain what government can’t or won’t do?

4. Evaluating the issues discussed at the Constitutional Convention, describe what compromises you might have offered or created in order to attain ratification.

5. Explain how the civil war facilitated the shift from government having a states’ rights focus to a more centralized government.

6. Compare and contrast the various views of federalism. How do they reflect different relationships between the state and national government?

Please include the questions and complete the assignment as an APA

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