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Hain Celestial Group: A firm Focused on “Organic” Differentiation

Hain Celestial Group has built strong capabilities in producing natural and organic foods to take advantage of the changing consumer trend in the food business. The company grew through a series of acquisitions of entrepreneurial start-ups. These acquisitions allowed Hain Celestial to become the largest supplier to retailer Whole Foods Markets. The natural food trend has allowed the company to sell its branded products to traditional grocery store chains, accounting for about 60 percent of its U.S. sales. Meanwhile, large branded food firms such as Kraft Foods, Campbell Soup Company, and J.M. Smucker Company that have not focused as intensely on this natural segment have stalled their earnings, in part because they have not focused on the natural and organic trend desired by consumers as much as Hain Celestial. While larger brands seek to modify existing products by removing less natural ingredients (Nestlé) or reducing the use of high fructose corn syrup (Hershey Company and Mars, Inc.), these types of changes do not allow them to overcome the problem of rapidly changing consumer tastes toward natural food. Grocery stores and restaurants are also attempting to take advantage of the trend toward natural foods.

 Assignment Instructions

Read the short end-of-chapter case on Hain Celestial Group on page 135 ch. 4  and answer questions in the following areas.

Case Discussion Questions

1. Evaluate Hain Celestial’s strategy and what would you have done differently to implement it?

2. On what environmental trends did Hain Celestial base its business-level strategy? What environmental trends could have a negative effect on this firm’s strategy in the future? Why?

3. In years to come, should Hain try to grow primarily organically, through collaborative strategies such as joint ventures and strategic alliances, or through mergers and acquisitions? Explain your answer. 

4.What are the most serious competitive challenges you anticipate Hain Celestial will face over the next ten years? How should the firm respond to these challenges?

Parameters of this assignment: minimum of two pages in APA style format.

Submit to Canvas in the designated column.

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