Topic: Hamlet the play

Discuss the theme of mendacity (lying) in the play. Many of the characters engage in the practice, but not all for the same reasons. Try to examine at least the important characters and their reasons for doing so, and consider the action in the overall play. Remember, your analysis should begin with a conclusion—an overall thesis statement which you develop that allows you to offer up your observations and the scene in the film which illustrates that theme


• 6-8 pages minimum AND a works cited
• 1 primary source: (Hamlet)
• 3 secondary sources—literary criticism on Hamlet
• MLA format. You must quote from the play numerous times, and the secondary sources at least once for each source.
• Reference the film versions of Hamlet VR experience Hamlet 360: Thy Father’s Spirit. (Film-
• The way you will utilize the film is to start your paper with a description of a scene in the film which illustrates why this theme is important to the overall structure of the play.

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