Topic: Health practitioners reflective journal


Health practitioners require an awareness of professional behaviours and characteristics to be able to develop an understanding of the impact of communication and professionalism on patient care. The ability to critically reflect is an essential skill for medical radiation practitioners.

The purpose of this assessment is two-fold. Firstly it will enable the development of knowledge and skills in reflective practice. Secondly, it will facilitate an understanding of the patient’s experience on their cancer journey as well as an awareness of the importance of communication and professional behaviours on patient care.

In completing this assignment you will demonstrate your ability to reflect on professional behaviours. You will also demonstrate your ability to critically reflect on the patient’s experiences and how the behaviours of MRS professionals impact these experiences.

Your journal should include:
Introduction (to set the scene for the assessment)
Discussion on reflective practice and its importance to you as a medical radiations student

Discussion on the characteristics of the health professional, within relevant scope of practice, governance and practice frameworks
Reflections on Michelle’s cancer journey and how this will impact you as a medical radiations professional, using a reflective cycle

Where relevant, your reflections should include support from a range of correctly referenced literature
Referencing: Using APA 7th system

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