Topic: Health promotions essay


The aim of this paper is to explore, assess and critique multi level health promotion strategies locally and nationally . Must be Uk evidence based using Public health England where appropriate.

All evidence UK based.
Identify and explore a health promotion campaign developed to address poor health outcomes based on lifestyle factors . Explore the role of media in the health issue of Borderline Personality Disorder and mental health strategies that have highlighted these problems.
analyse and interact with health promotions models, including health behaviour models and health belief models in the context of understa“nding “““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`health trends and health promotion practice consider the accountability for health and wellbeing, including holistic approaches, public health approaches and service users lifestyle choices.
Why is the campaign needed, use data from public health england to evidence your assertions . Provide an overview of the campaign-how long has it been running? is it effective? how do we know? is the health issue or lifestyle factors potrayed in the media? Is the issue potrayed positively or negatively? Media can be newspapers/magazines, leaflets, posters, tv adverts, radio etc.
2500 words
title and reference list do not count towards your word count.
cannot go 10% over or under the word count

Additional reading material
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