Topic: Hideko Case Study – Intra and Interpersonal Techniques


Hideko Case Study, Part 1 is due in Module 4.

For this assignment, you will read information about Hideko and her counselor, Viviana. You will assume the role of Viviana’s supervisor and will answer a series of questions about the case in essay format. Please refer to chapters 7, 10, and 11 to help you analyze part 1 of Hideko’s case.

Please make sure to read all your assigned readings and supplemental resources to help you with this assignment.

After reviewing your supplemental and required readings/resources, answer the following questions and prompts.

Summarize the key facts in the case.

Explain how Viviana’s class, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, culture, spiritual background, disability, or ability might influence interactions with this client. Select at least three of these for consideration.

Identify and write out the statements that Viviana made that expressed active listening and understanding.

Write three out additional things that Viviana might have said to express active listening and understanding.

Describe what happened in the interview that makes you think that Hideko felt understood?

Write a summarizing statement that Viviana might have used with Hideko.

Did Viviana use questions appropriately? Why or why not?

Did the practitioner use silence appropriately? Why or why not?

What do you know about the client’s strengths and resources (including spiritual and cultural resources)? Write out two statements the practitioner could have made to identify strengths or positive factors.

Students should use the following format for their written assignment.

Your paper should use an essay format (introduction, body, and conclusion).

It should be a minimum of 1200 words.

Your paper must use APA format and cite sources, as necessary. If you need a refresher on APA, reference the APA Learning UnitLinks to an external site..

In addition to the 1200 words of written content, please include:

Title Page

These headings and subheadings:

Client Background and Factors of Diversity

Building Empathy through Active Listening

Using Questions and Silence Effectively

Client Strengths and Resources


Reference Page (minimum of three scholarly references)

Use a minimum of three scholarly references. Scholarly references can include peer-reviewed articles, textbooks, journals, and included Tools for Success resources.

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Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-5 / 1375
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