Topic: History of Ideas in Architecture


Write an essay that develops the topic you explored in Assignment 2. If you want
to choose a different one, contact your Academic Expert with your proposal. Use
o at least four (4) cases studies from at least two continents; and
o at least five (5) scholarly sources. [See Assignment 2 for an
explanation of a scholarly source.]
Your challenge is to address the questions as articulated in Step 1 of Assignment
2 with visual illustrations to support your discussion. Some questions will require
you to examine visual sources very closely, as well as various interpretations by
different scholars. Other questions will report more on the debates of modern
scholars and their findings, but you should still consider the evidence scholars
NOTE: Keep an electronic copy, and save your notes and earlier drafts, to hand in with your
Course Work Journal in Assignment 6.

Your Long Research Essay should conform to the standards for research
materials, documentation, organization, and use of evidence as explained in AU
Library’s “Research Help” page.
In addition to the text of your essay (2000–2500 words), your essay should also
include the following elements:
o cover page
o illustrations inserted at appropriate places to illustrate the text
o captions, including references to the source of every image
o bibliography
o APA style; see the “Citing and Referencing” page of AU Library’s
“Research Help” site.
o Optional: Extra explanatory notes (footnotes or endnotes)
Long quotations (more than 40 words) should be set off as block quotations,
indented from the left, and single-spaced without quotation marks.

Plagiarism is a form of academic misconduct prohibited by Athabasca
University’s regulations, which also set out sanctions against offenders.
Plagiarism occurs when a student uses the words or ideas of another person
without giving proper credit, as explained in the AU Undergraduate Calendar.
Academic Experts look for signs of plagiarism and take action when they suspect
Also be aware that the re-submission of a paper in whole or in part that you have
written for credit in another course is considered cheating.

Academic Experts evaluate the quality of essays based on several general criteria:
o The thoughtfulness of the essay and how persuasively it argues a thesis
that addresses the assigned question.
o The accuracy, precision and relevance of the information in the essay.
o How well the evidence is chosen, how clearly it is explained, and how
scrupulously it is documented.
o The reliability of the evidence from primary and scholarly sources.
o The organization of the parts of the essay, clarity of each paragraph and
sentence, and academic tone.
You will continue to develop your notes and sources in your Course Work Journal
(see Assignment 6) as you work through the course units.
Submit Assignment 5 using the assignment drop box. Note that your five (5)
study questions for Unit 5 must also be submitted with this assignment. Different
study questions require different types of answers; these are the guidelines for
responding to study questions according to what each question asks for:
o submit a 200-word (minimum) written answer; or
o submit a sketch and a 100-word (minimum) written answer; or
o submit your own sketch with labels (no minimum word count).

Type of service : Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment : Essay
Subject : Not defined
Pages / words : 6/3300
Number Of Sources : 1
Academic Level : Freshman(college 1st year)
Paper Format : APA
Line Spacing : Single
Language Style : US English

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