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Topic: HISTORY OF ROCK term paper


• 4 to 5 pages, double spaced.
• The paper should be written in 11 or 12 point legible font and should include at least 3 footnotes referenced to at least 3 sources in a bibliography.
• The subject of your paper is of your Rock music-related choice (artist, band, song, album, instrument, technology, business, venue, etc.).Your choice of subjects is very broad, but the subject matter should be somewhat focused and narrow.
• Your paper should include why the subject is important, what influences led up to your subject’s appearance in the history of Rock, and how your subject significantly influenced subsequent history.

Type of service:Academic paper writing
Type of assignment:Term Paper
Pages / words:4 / 1100
Number of sources:4
Academic level:Sophomore (College 2nd year)
Paper format:MLA
Line spacing:Double
Language style:US English

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