Topic: HIV IN KENYA Critical essay

Comparative Health Systems Assignment Essay (4000 words)

There is ONE assignment for this module.

A 4000 word critical review of the international response to a global health issue with evaluation of the impact on a specific health system and population group and recommendations for action

You should identify one health issue of global importance; this could be a global disease threat such as Covid -19; Ebola, malaria or HIV; or
an aspect of a non-communicable disease such as cancer; or a global health challenge such as mental health; or demographic influences such as ageing or gender issues;
or major threats to global health such as climate change, migration or displacement of people; and appraise the impact of this on the health status of a given healthcare system and population .

You should identify and appraise related global health initiatives or policies derived from the WHO, charitable or governmental sources and evaluate the impact or likely impact on this issue within this population .

This essay will require you to access and utilise relevant data and information on global health issues, heath systems, the health status of populations and relevant policy documents.

The learning outcomes are as follows :

a) Analyse current major global healthcare issues
b) Critically examine the key components of global healthcare systems, demonstrating a clear understanding of the underlying philosophy of specific healthcare systems and the factors that influence it
c) Evidence the effectiveness of national healthcare systems to effectively address populations healthcare needs
d) Critically reflect and make recommendations on healthcare system improvement through policy initiatives
Employability & Changemaker Skills
e) Communicate complex concepts with clarity
f) Identify problems and apply concepts and principles in order to generate workable and creative solutions.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Critical essay
Pages / words-8 / 4000
Number of sources-25
Academic level-Master’s
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Single
Language style-UK English

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