Topic: Holistic to Nursing assignment


Evidence-Based Psychosocial/Spiritual/Cultural Assessment with Care Plan
To give students the opportunity to holistically assess an individual, focusing on the psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural aspects
of the illness experience, and to begin determining appropriate interventions to facilitate wellness. This assignment will also
offer the opportunity to learn more about the health beliefs and practices of a person from a culture that is different from the
student’s own cultural background. Through an interview and literature review process, students will formulate a plan of care
for their particular interviewee that is specific, reasonable, and culturally sensitive.
• INTERVIEW: Interview an individual of your choosing. Use the following tools to gather data:
o Spiritual Assessment Tool- Located in Chapter 7 of Dossey and Keegan (2016), pages 149-151, Exhibit 7-3
o Integrative Health and Wellness Assessment- Located in Chapter 30 of Dossey and Keegan (2016), pages 706-710
o Cultural Assessment Tool- Located in the Course Content section of Brightspace
• CARE PLAN: Using these tools listed above, identify one primary issue the individual is experiencing, select a
nursing diagnosis, and develop a care plan aimed at addressing this primary issue through the use of one healing
o Please use the care plan tool posted on Brightspace
o Be sure that your care plan includes measurable goals that will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your
chosen healing intervention.
▪ For example, if you believe that yoga practice would be helpful for a client experiencing
depression, your measurable goal would be “the patient will practice yoga three times per week
between now and April 15th, 2020.
• PAPER: Please be sure to address the information listed in the paragraphs below. Use APA level 1
headings in the same order as listed here when completing your paper.
o Psychosocial Issues, Spiritual Issues, and Cultural Considerations
• Specifically identify and address pertinent psychosocial issues (trust, self-esteem, body image, control,
loss, guilt, intimacy) that you think apply to this client.
• Specifically identify and address pertinent spiritual issues (meaning and purpose, love and belonging,
interconnections with others, faith, connection with God or higher power, forgiveness, hope, guilt
and punishment from God) that you think apply to this client.
• Specifically address the cultural considerations you must keep in mind as you care for your client.
Please be sure to reference your culturally-specific information. Ask yourself and your client: how is
total care of this client (body-mind-spirit) impacted by cultural values, beliefs and practices?
o Risk for Maladaptive Coping
• Identify areas of strength as well as challenges.
• In your opinion, how “at risk for maladaptive coping” is she/he? On what do you base your opinion?
• Based on the patient’s primary issue, what would be your priority in working with this person?
o Healing Interventions
• What healing intervention would you recommend for this person? Why did you chose this healing
• Include a brief, evidence-based rationale (with citation) for the intervention chosen.
o Reflection
• Reflect on the process of the interview experience. What was it like for you to ask these kinds of
questions? Are you accustomed to asking them? What was your comfort level? Is it helpful to think
in terms of the specific psychosocial-spiritual issues? Does assessing the risk of maladaptive vs adaptive coping based on the client’s coping mechanisms help you in planning care for this person?
How does this awareness change the way a nurse would care for his/her patient?
• Items are to be submitted in one document. In addition to being organized, this document should
be in APA format and contain the following items:
o Title Page
o Introduction
o Sections of the body of the paper to be titled as follows: Psychosocial Issues, Spiritual Issues, and Cultural
Considerations; Risk for Maladaptive Coping; Healing Interventions; Measurable Outcomes
o Reflection (acts as the Conclusion of the paper)
o References Page
o Care Plan
o Spiritual Assessment Tool
o Integrative Health and Wellness Assessment
o Cultural Assessment Tool
• Length: The body of the paper should be 4 pages total (not including the care plan page, title page, references page,
Spiritual Assessment Tool, Integrative Health and Wellness Assessment, or Cultural Assessment Tool)
• Your paper should use APA format, requiring the document to be double-spaced, using Times New
Room, size 12 font
o Although APA format should be followed, for the purpose of this paper, first-person pronouns are
• Be sure to maintain interviewee privacy and only use initials or a pseudonym when you write your paper.

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: Education

Pages / words: 3 / 825

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: APA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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