Topic: How does outsourcing affect the telecom service quality?

Research Questions:
1- What is outsourcing? What is the reason behind outsourcing? What are the different outsourcing models?
2- What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing?
3- How does outsourcing influence the competitive advantage and benchmarking in the telecommunication field?
4- How does outsourcing impact the customer orientation, Staff morale and cost of quality?
5- What is the impact of outsourcing over the continuous improvement culture within telecommunication organizations?

Services outsourcing in the telecommunication field was always debatable and has now become more controversial (Barry Thatcher and Carlos Evia, 2007, 8).

Outsourcing started way far before even telecommunication technologies have been invented, some scholars argued that outsourcing is just an extension for the known practice of activities subcontracting (James and Weidenbaum, 1993).

However, others determine the rise of the “Outsourcing” terminology since the Second World War (Victor Troacă, Dumitru Bodislav, 2012, 52).

Nowadays, outsourcing is very crucial when it comes to the mobile telecommunication field and we can notice that Huawei is dominating the outsourcing revenue market share with 27% which puts it by 11% far from Ericsson the nearest competitor (Stéphane Téral, 2018).

This brings some questions to mind, first to understand what is outsourcing as a concept? And what are the different types of outsourcing agreements? The relation between outsourcing – Insourcing and how to define the activities which can be outsourced.

Whether outsourcing brings a real benefit to the telecom sector or its drawbacks are more than its benefits. Moreover, since customer satisfaction is the core concept for a total quality management system, hence, we need to know whether outsourcing is affecting customer satisfaction positively or negatively (Marc J. Schniederjans, 2005).

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