Topic: how gender ideology impacts women’s creative expression.

For this week’s journal, discuss in three to four pages how gender ideology impacts women’s creative expression. Illustrate your discussion with examples of creative women from the Renaissance period. Your examples should come from our required or recommended resources and represent at least two different genres (for example, poetry, painting, sculpture). Explain how ideas about women’s nature and role impacted women’s work. Finally, after viewing the multimedia, conclude with a reflection on how the contemporary activism of the Guerilla Girls addresses the similar issues in today’s art world.

To help you explore this journal, consider some of the following questions:

  • What role does she play in her life (courtesan, wife, mother, nun, aristocrat, etc.)?
  • How does that role support or discourage her creative expression and her visibility?
  • Does she resist or comply with the expected norms of her gender?
  • How do artistic women create within defined roles and images of women?

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