Topic: How is Quebec’s national identity related to its aspirations for political independence from Canada? How has the national identity of Quebec been transformed through its history? Why has language been such an important aspect of the national identity of Quebec?


The research paper provides evidence of critical thinking and analysis as well as a synthesis of researched information throughout, and it presents a logical and persuasive argument.

Research sources are relevant, current, and credible. They are clearly documented in the paper.

The introduction offers a sense of direction for the paper and presents a clear thesis statement to the reader.

The body develops the necessary aspects of the main idea and provides examples, support, or illustration for each aspect of the main idea.

The conclusion summarizes the main points and ties them to the thesis; it also presents an impact statement and/or suggests direction for future research.

Type of servicAcademic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-2 / 550
Number of sources-4
Academic level-Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double

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