Topic: How oral hygiene effects your overall health


Time: 6-8 minutes

All informative speeches have an identifiable introduction, body, and conclusion with at least three verbal citations.

Introduction: The introduction should compel the audience to listen through the use of an attention-getter and provide a preview. The introduction should include the thesis statement. The preview involves an overview of the main points.

Body: Most informative speeches should contain no more than three main points, organized in a way that helps the audience make sense of the message. Once the main points and organizational pattern are set, identify what evidence supports which main point and place these subpoints in the correct location. Review chapter 12 (Links to an external site.) from the Text Book.

Conclusion: All informative speeches should include a brief summary of the main points. No new information should be given to the audience in the conclusion. An effective conclusion leaves the audience thinking about the speaker’s message.

Outlining the Informative Speech: A detailed outline is mandatory and should include the following sections: title, statement of specific purpose, thesis statement, introduction, body (including internal summaries and transitions), conclusion, and references (see below).

Two Typed outlines (Preparation/working outline – full sentence and Speaking Outline-phrases, keywords and quotes), (Times New Roman, 12 points)
At least 5 References, 3 must be scholarly
Include transition statements between each main point
Reference in correct APA Format

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