Topic: how the Inca Empire functioned


Poma de Ayala, born and raised in South America, wrote El primer nueva coronica y buen gobierno as a “letter” of more than 1,000 pages = can you imagine the postage! to the king of Spain – probably the most powerful man in the world at that time. Ayala, an indigenous native, who claimed to be descended from Inca royalty, personally felt the sting of Spanish colonial rule. This inspired him to dedicate years to chronicle daily life in South America. The author, who also illustrated hundreds of scenes, wanted to achieve two goals: 1) explain to the monarch, for the first time from an Incan perspective, highlights of Inca culture, society, and history. He hoped that if the king developed an attachment and/or favorable impression of the Inca, he would be more willing to help them (this is the “El primer nueva coronica”, “The First New Chronicle” part) & 2) complain to the king how his people were being treated by the Spanish colonists living in Latin America, so that policy improvements would be made (this is the “buen gobierno” “Good Government” part) Poma de Ayala never expected the Spanish to leave, so he does not ask them to (that would have been a waste of his time). Instead, he is hoping to generate interest, an interest that will lead to dramatic social, political, and economic reform for the people on the lower ends of society – like himself.

Assess the required number of illustrations integrating your interpretations and a foundational knowledge of how the Inca Empire functioned (based upon basic Internet research).

Select three images from the list provided; each illustration should be from separate Chapters; emphasis should be placed on your analysis & interpretation – in association with connections with Incan historical practices &/or achievements.  1. Pretend you are the king of Spain (King Philip III) . . .
2. Explain what you think you can assess about the Inca, their society, & their history from the illustrations.  Be sure to include details/specifics about the elements & how they relate to the empire you are conquering.  (Please note: students will need to conduct basic online research to learn more about key elements of the Inca Empire before, during & after the Spanish conquest in order to integrate important support)
3. For each illustration, explain what impressions you get from it &/or any descriptive text about Indigenous groups/individuals.  In other words, what is the reality of life in Colonial Latin America?  How are people treated?  How do the Spanish act?  What social or cultural practices are you witnessing?  What may be Spanish motivations or beliefs?  What may be indigenous motivations or beliefs?
4. Select your favorite, or most moving illustration, & explain why that one stood out to you

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: History

Pages: 2/550

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