Topic: Human Resource Management for small Businesses


Essay briefing.

Topic- Risk in Business.
Length- 2,500

Identify the biggest HR challenges for small businesses in the industry of your choice and critically discuss how these challenges can be overcome. Use examples and evidence from your research and experience while applying appropriate theories and concepts from the module.
Please refer to the last page of the module guide.
• In the essay, you should focus on one industry of your choice, provide examples and evidence from academic sources and your own experience and make connections to the relevant concepts and theories from the module.
• You should consider the context of the chosen industry while analysing HRM issues.
• You should demonstrate:
o understanding of the current HR issues in small businesses
o evidence of independent research
o quality and depth of analysis
o application of concepts and theories
o reflection on your own experience if applicable
o quality of evidence/examples
o coherence of ideas and arguments.
• A Harvard referencing style should be used. Remember to provide a list of references.
• It is important that you not only use the readings from the module, but also make use of articles and materials from your own research. You are expected to use a good range of academic journal articles as well as on-line sources to support your arguments.
• When identifying sources to be included in your essay, consider their quality.
• The assignment requires the use of critical writing. This means that you should go beyond describing current approaches to a problem. Critical writing involves clear evaluation of different perspectives and arguments made by scholars, and a balanced presentation of the reasons why these arguments might be accepted or confronted. Your writing will be considered descriptive rather than critical if you do not develop an argument but simply describe someone’s view. Try to compare and contrast different views on the issue, while developing your own argument.
• Although the questions address specific areas of the literature, there is no one ‘correct’ conclusion. The quality of your argument is more important than the argument itself.
• Quality of presentation is also important. Check spelling and grammar before you submit your assignment. Avoid hyperbole, broad statements, generalisations and unreferenced sources.
• The structure of the assignment is up to you, but you should include a clear introduction and conclusion.
• Avoid stating definitions of basic concepts (e.g. what is HRM).
• Familiarise yourself with assessment criteria to make sure that your assignment meets them.

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