Topic: Human Service Agency Observation & Report


For this assignment, you must identify a human service organization of interest to you. You are to make contact with the organization and arrange for a site visit and interview with someone knowledgeable about the organization (e.g. Executive Director, Program Director, etc.).

You may not use an agency that you are currently employed by; please take this opportunity to learn about an agency that you may know little about.
Prior to your visit, explore the agency’s website and any publications (e.g. brochures, flyers) available to get a better understanding of the agency and to help you develop interview questions.

During your visit, you are to gather information about the organization and the work that they do.
As a starting point, you should inquire about the following:
-Agency Vision, Mission, History, Funding
-Populations served and services provided
-Who works for them? How many? What are their qualifications? Training?
Also consider:
-Challenges they may face
-Satisfaction of the work
-Why do they do this work?
This is not an exhaustive list of questions or topics to be discussed, but gives you a starting point for developing your interview questions. If possible, direct observation is great, but not necessary given the constraints that confidentiality pose.

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