Topic: Human Trafficking Dissertation

Aim, objectives and research questions:
The aim of this research is to investigate how through marketing to consumers, social media influencers play a part in the fast fashion industry increasing the rate of human trafficking, while understanding how there is a need for further anti-human trafficking law in order to prevent consumers knowingly or unknowingly support the human trafficking trade.


  1. Critically analyse current literature to identify how the fast fashion industry supports the human trafficking trade.
  2. Identify the link between social media influencers marketing and consumer consumption of fast fashion.
  3. Explore the laws and legislations regarding anti-human trafficking, and ideas surrounding how social media influencers could use their platforms for anti-human trafficking purposes instead of supporting the human trafficking trade.

Research Questions:

  1. How does the fashion industry facilitate different forms of human trafficking, including forced labour?
  2. What is the role of social media influencers in this process?
  3. What measures have been devised by the governments or private companies to prevent exploitation in supply chains?

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Subject: Criminal justice
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