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Impact of a Cyber Breach on the Financial Sector
Be sure to review and when possible cite the same sources of the paper titled: Cyberthreats to US Critical Infrastructure, that I have included.

This project will be simulating collaboration across all sectors to support and defend US critical infrastructure. In the working world, a team like this would include agencies, industrial partners, and private sector corporations. Each organization has different strengths and skills, different access to information, and different authorities to report to. When the sectors work together and share resources and skills, the result is that everyone benefits from the defense and protection of US IT infrastructure.
You will focus on the Financial Sector only: Provide a description of the impact that a cyber breach, similar to the OPM Breach, would have on the financial services sector. These impact statements can include the loss of control of the systems, the loss of data integrity or confidentiality, exfiltration of data, or something else. Also provide impact assessments as a result of this security incident to the financial services sector. Ensure that the information is appropriately cited

Please read the Industrial Control Systems Paragraph below and explain their level of importance to the financial services sector. Explain risks associated with the industrial control system. Ensure that the information is appropriately cited.
An industrial control system (ICS) refers to any system that helps to control critical or important industrial systems. It can cover a wide variety of systems, including systems that deal in industrial production, including supervisory control and systems that deal in data acquisition. These systems are sometimes housed in multiple locations and can be called distributed control systems.

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