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Topic: Impact of Airbnb on Chinese real estate agencies

Guiding Interview Questionnaire Questions

  1. How is the Chinese real estate market segmented? Based on the segmentation, who are
    your target audiences?
  2. What advertisement techniques does your company employ in ensuring your brand is
    well positioned in the market? What are the effects of these strategies to your brand?
  3. How does your company strategically position its products and services to ensure there is
    effective online presence?
  4. Communication is a fundamental aspect in marketing and branding, how does your
    company ensure effective communication with the clients?
  5. How does your company consider the pricing element of brand positioning and how does
    the company consider its significance to the marketing strategies?
  6. Are there any considerations to determine how consumers value the quality of products
    and services you provide?
  7. How significant are the brand positioning elements like price and quality influencing the
    growth of your brand?
  8. Has your company invested in influencer marketing? Why do you think the company
    does or does not use the technique to instigate international students’ purchase behavior?
  9. Why is the international students’ population a target population for your company?
  10. What barriers has your company encountered while implementing its brand positioning
    strategies? Are there any countermeasures in place to counter these barriers?

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Type of assignment-Power Point presentation
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Academic level-Master’s
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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