Topic: impact of Brexit on mini-cooper company

Assessment Brief

Overview: The assessment requires that students combine their pathway subject area knowledge across theory and practice with their abilities to problem solve, think critically and reflect on what it means to be a practitioner in their chosen pathway area of Management.

Learning Outcomes to be met by the Assignment

  1. Critically evaluate information to form a reflective understanding of contemporary theories and developments across a range of management practices.
  2. Propose solutions to a range of complex and/or unpredictable problems that arise from management practice.
  3. Review and reflect to synthesise current thinking and practice in the field of organisational management.
  4. Critically evaluate the impact of strategic decisions upon an organisation and its integrated practices.
  5. Apply one’s own criteria for self- and peer-assessment and consider not only the product outcome, but also the learning process.
  6. Demonstrate capacity for independent learning and self-directed development.

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