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The Western fast-food industry emerged in China in the 1980s, yet has become an
industry large enough to impact on the daily lives of the Chinese. Although Western supremacy
over the fast-food industry can seem imperialistic, their companies intermingle with Chinese
interests and culture in a manner that makes the food more a produce of China rather than the

The western fast food first came to China in 1982, and has since then taken a toll on the
Chinese culture and health standards. The traditional table with an abundance of dishes is hardly
available in the main cities. This has been replaced by the long, crowded queues, bearing hot
chocolate and French fries.

The food is not as nutritious as the traditional Chinese food and the fast-food restaurants also lack the variety that a Chinese one would have. The fast-food industry in China alone accrues over $40 billion in annual revenues (Maheshwari, 2011).

A recent survey showed that Chinese are likely to eat takeout meals as compared to Americans. The survey interviewed over 14,000 grown-ups in 28 countries. The results obtained were that 41 percent of interviewees in China’s mainland eat out in a fast-food restaurant no less than once a week. In the United States, the equivalent was 35 percent (Maheshwari, 2011).

However, this love for Fast Food in China has repercussions, and the cases of obesity are increasing in China. The sight of overweight Chinese in the streets of cities such as Shanghai or and Beijing have become commonplace today.

Many health conditions, such as diabetes, can be associated to the rise of the fast-food industry. World Health Organization states that over 30 percent of Chinese’s adults are overweight. It is also estimated that there are over 92,000,000 diabetic Chinese (Maheshwari, 2011).

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