Topic: Improving Self-Esteem and Identity Coursework


Self-esteem and identity provide individuals with a foundation for viewing themselves, how others view them, and even how they define how they will approach the world. Modern, holistic understandings of developmental psychology reiterate that parenting, social interactions, educational and athletic achievement, artistic expressions, and innate ability all play a role in the formation of these concepts. The ability to intervene to improve self-esteem and identity formation can be instrumental in establishing a healthy path in life. You are challenged to research programs and activities that target the improvement of self-esteem:
Which theory or research does the program/activity align with from the course materials?
Identify the child or adolescent age group that the program/activity targets.
How does the program define and assess self-esteem?
Critique the activities cultural sensitivity and effectiveness.

Textbook: Developmental Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence, Chapter 11

Name of article – A Brief Primer on Self-Esteem

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Type of assignment-Coursework
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