Topic Individual Fitness and Wellness Assignment

Individual Fitness and Wellness Assignment

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Individual Fitness and Wellness Assignment

Using the information from your text and class discussions you will create a personal fitness and wellness plan that could be carried out following the course and ideally into the future. This plan should demonstrate your understanding of the fitness principles discussed throughout this course. Your fitness plan MUST include the following:

  1. Your current activity level (5 points)
    What is your current activity level? How often are you active? What type of exercising are you doing? How many minutes of cardiorespiratory activity, resistance training and stretching are you accumulating each week?
  2. Your current wellness status (5 points)
    This information is from Chapter 2 examining the different dimensions of wellness. How would you rate your current level of wellness? In what realms would you say you are the strongest? Conversely, where are you the weakest? What wellness activities do you currently engage in?
  3. Set two goals for the future (10 points)
    One goal must pertain to fitness, while the other should pertain to wellness. Both goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely (see pages 11 in the text for information on the SMART system) and should relate to a regular fitness/wellness program that you can and will do. Choose goals that you believe you can accomplish using a consistent plan of regular exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.
  4. Create a program (15 points)
    This is information from Chapter 3. Create a specific program that will help you achieve the above goals. Select activities including cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance and flexibility exercises for the fitness component, and activities that pertain to your wellness goal of choice. Be as specific as possible with your activities, adhering to the Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type (F.I.T.T.) formula. The more detailed you can be with your approach, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. Depending on your current fitness/wellness status, your program should include appropriate progressions. That is, if you are planning on building up to a certain level of activity, your program should reflect how you plan to get to that level over time. Your program should meet the guidelines listed in the text on pages 59 and 60 for the amount of Aerobic Activity and Muscle Strengthening Activity, and should also include a plan for flexibility training. You should include a statement that explains how your program meets the guidelines.
  5. Create a calendar (10 points)
    Create a one month “calendar of events” for your fitness/wellness activities. Your calendar should list which days you will do which activities for both your fitness and wellness goals. You must include a typical program for one month. Use the calendar to demonstrate the progression of your program from beginning level or to show the difference from where you start to where you plan to be after one month.
  6. Monitoring your progress (5 points)
    Discuss how you will monitor your progress towards your goals. This monitoring should include how you will keep track of your activities and how you will determine whether or not you are making the expected progress towards achieving those goals. Options may include use of a journal, checking off your workouts in your daily calendar, a website or phone app. Discuss how often you will reevaluate your goals and when/how you will adjust your program for the future.
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