Topic: Influence discussed in class.


For this essay you will choose (i) an applied topic discussed in class and (ii) a means of influence discussed in class. Your essay should focus on either (a) defending the use of your chosen means of influence to address the/a problem in the applied topic area, or (b) arguing that the chosen means of influence should not be used to address the/a problem in the applied topic area. Craft an essay that builds a case for your thesis, and consider and reply to an objection against your position.


The essay should be between 1800 and 2000 words (no more, no less).
Please include your name, Phil 27, word count, and title on the first page of your essay. You do not need to include the text of the prompt.
You should have a clear motivating question for your essay and a clear thesis responding to that question.
You should draw on at least 3 relevant articles from the course.*
You should clearly explain the problem and the means of influence.
You must consider and reply to an objection to the position you take in your paper.
No extensions are permitted on the final essay. Essays submitted after 11:30 a.m. will not be accepted.

*Note: consult your TA about the use of outside sources. Any use of outside sources should be in addition to, and should not replace, three articles from the course. External sources should be used to supplement empirical claims and should not take the place of philosophical arguments or overshadow your own analysis.

Example Intro, Question, and Thesis:

“[Brief introduction/context of the issue]…this raises the question “what is the morally best method of influence to increase organ donations?” I argue that using nudges is the best method since it preserves autonomy better than other means of influence, like manipulation, and is less likely to be rejected by potential donors than coercive methods.” First, I will explain some of the key barriers that stand in the way of increasing organ donations, specifically why people who are otherwise open to becoming donors sometimes don’t. Second, I will explain how nudges work as a means of influencing decisions. Third, I will explain why nudges can address the reasons that prevent some people from becoming organ donors, and why nudges are better at preserving autonomy and less likely to be resisted than manipulation and coercion. Finally, I will address and respond to the objection that nudges are a particularly dangerous kind of manipulation and so are not morally better than other kinds of manipulation.”

Please use the attached sources from the following authors: Schmidt & Engelen, Robert Noggle, MacKay & Robinson, Jeffrey Kirby; Maybe add Tom Hurka

Applied Topic: Organ Donation – McKay & Robinson, Jeffrey Kirby
Means of Influence: Nudges – Schmidt & Engelen, R

Pages: 7 Double spaced(1925 words)
Style and sources: MLA, 5 sources
Free extras: Outline/Title page/Bibliography / Reference page
Study level: College
Assignment type: Essay
Subject: Philosophy
Language: US

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