Topic: Information Technology-Aided Customer Relationship Management Strategies for Improving Financial Institution Business Performance


Respond to the following:

1. For your planned research design, what type(s) of data will you need and what data collection tools and sources will provide it?

2. What limitations, challenges, and/or barriers might you need to address while conducting this study (e.g., access to participants, access to data, separation of roles or other ethical considerations, instrumentation fees, etc.)?

3. Provide at least 10 brief summaries of recent, scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles or government publications that support/justify a current and relevant business problem in your discipline or professional field (dissertations and doctoral studies are not peer-reviewed). Source(s) supporting your framework should be included. Include the complete, APA reference entry followed by:

(a) an in-text citation,

(b) what they studied,

(c) what they found, and

(d) why this is important in relation to your study. This evidence provides the justification for your research problem. NOTE: The studies you choose should be particularly relevant to your topic, rather than general, so that you are able to provide support for your specific problem. Several should address the conceptual framework.

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