Topic: Information Technology and Society Module 7


Morozov, E. (2011). Open networks, narrow minds: cultural contradictions of Internet Freedom . In The net delusion: The dark side of internet freedom (pp. 205–244). Public Affairs.

Open networks, narrow minds: cultural contradictions of Internet Freedom
Answer the entire reading as a summary with the question: What are the cultural contradictions of Internet Freedom? How are open networks and narrow minds tied into this?
1. What is a dollar in a haystack? Why is it important?
2. What is Mugabe Blogs and why do they matter?
3. What is a doll with censored nipples? Why does it matter?
4. What are dangerous intermediaries and what are the characteristics?
5. What is the bean in thine own cyberspace?
6. How is Cyberwar good for you?
7. Why Can’t you be a “Little Bit Free” on the Internet?
8. How is the end of the American Internet? What Factors come into play?
9. What are the Dubious Virtues of Exporting Damaged Goods? Why is it important?
10. What are the hidden charms of digital orientalism?Show attachments

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