Topic: Informed Reflection & Feedback: Advertising & Persuasion


Citing, at least, THREE (3) of the sources from this module (my lectures must be one of your sources, and it is always a good idea to cite one of the readings):
More sources in PDF files

Explain why critical thinkers must approach advertisements skeptically. Discuss some of the ways advertisers manipulate people. Explain how advertisement can affect someones autonomy (freedom).

Make sure you discuss this in your own words. Don’t just summarize three sources; use the sources as evidence for your own ideas. Explain how engagement with the material altered and/or confirmed your initial thoughts on the topic.
*My Intitial thought:
“Critical thinkers should approach any advertisement with some level of skepticism. The advertisers use psychological manipulation to convince people to buy or believe in their products and services. Advertisers try to manipulate potential consumers in a variety of ways.

One major way advertisers use is the social proof method. They portray their products as socially approved by using statements such as “Majority of the people prefer product X” (Aköz et al., 3).

Another way advertisers manipulate consumers is through acknowledging resistance to the product to show genuineness. once bought a particular bread that tasted awful because it was written “Teenagers choice.”

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