Topic: Informed reflection: Ghosts


This assignments have 2 parts:
PART I: (Paragraph)
Initial Reaction: Ghosts & Apparitions

This week, we are applying the critical thinking skills you’ve learned to the topic of encounters with ghosts.

Many people claim to have had encounters with ghosts (for the sake of simplicity, I’m not distinguishing between hauntings, apparitions, poltergeists, etc.). It would be unfair to simply write all of these people off as crazy or as liars. What, then, might explain their encounters? Describe three hypotheses that might explain the fact that many smart, sincere people believe they have seen ghosts. What hypothesis do you believe best explains their experiences (you do not have to defend the hypothesis at this stage, as you will do that as part of the Informed Reflection)
Must be at least 150 words

Part II: (Essay form)

Citing, at least, THREE (3) of the sources from this module (my lectures must be one of your sources, and it is always a good idea to cite one of the readings):

*Reading sources are under PDF files

Describe three hypotheses that explain the reported encounters people have with ghosts. Use the criteria of adequacy to evaluate the hypotheses and defend the hypotheses you think best explains these encounters. Make sure you discuss this in your own words. Don’t just summarize three sources; use the sources as evidence for your own ideas. Explain how engagement with the material altered and/or confirmed your initial thoughts on the topic.
Must be at least 350 words

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