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Assignment 2: (50%): Innovation Review Case Study

You will work individually on this assignment.  You will choose an organization with which you are familiar.  Carry out research on that organization to enable you to conduct a short (3000 word) innovation review which explains how well they manage innovation.

Your report should contain your analysis of their strengths, their weaknesses and your recommendations for what they should do next to enhance their innovation management capability. A useful resource can be found at:

Please draw upon academic material that has been provided in class. Also, feel free to make use of any other material to support your discussion.

If you can get access to an organization, that would be very good. If you are working directly with an organization, then primary sources include interviews, and questionnaires. If you are working directly with an organization, the Innovation Fitness Test works very well. If you can get people in an organization to complete the Innovation Fitness Test, include the results in tables and spider diagrams in the report. Include the questions from the Innovation Fitness Test in the appendix.

If you do not have access to an organization, that is OK. Select a large organization, and use publically available data. Be careful with their marketing and PR material, and try to be objective. Students often carry out an Innovation Fitness Test on an organization using the data that is available to give a score. I recommend using a table to do this:

Innovation Fitness Test QuestionThe score you give on a 1-7 scaleEvidence supporting score, referencing materials/reports/company accounts etc.

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